Update 3/24/2016
I really feel great today, did a little grocery shopping and sat for a while in the car in the park watching the stream flow over the top of the dam.

My appetite is back with a vengeance so if I'm not careful, I'll gain back those 20 pounds thatI lost over the past month.

Tomorrow. is chemo day and we will probably spend six hours or so with various chemicals running through my veins and arteries in the chemotherapy room, some for two hours, others for shorter times.

The first treatment is usually a blood red liquid iron material to build up my hemoglobin count. I always feel stronger and more comfortable after getting that one for half an hour. Other chemos have names like "FOLFOX", "Avastin", "SFU/Lencovorin", Oxaliplatin.and INfed IV Iron.

One of these will come home with me in a reservoir attached to a battery operated pump.The pump will run on for 46 hours non-stop. The hardware is very tough and can survive being dropped, getting banged around while I'm sleeping and in the shower
It doesn't come off until I come back to the chemo room on Friday.